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Best Cities to Travelling - Asia Destination

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Best Cities to Travelling - The best cities can be judged by many things. Starting from the hotel facilities available, ease of access for tourists, scenery, to the hospitality of the people. These things will make tourists feel at home and will return to the location in the future holidays.

Then why is Asia a favorite destination for tourism? because the cost of living in Asia is cheaper than in Europe. In addition, you can avoid winter by visiting countries in Asia that have tropical climates. You can sunbathe and go back to your country and be more exotic. Well, here are the best cities in the Asian continent that can be a reference for your tour.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Neat, clean, and busy. Those three impressions that we feel when visiting Tokyo. No need to take public transportation too often, if only moving to a close distance we can take it on foot. Tokyo is a great city to walk or ride a bike.There are so many places you can visit in Tokyo that I can't mention in this article.

2. Bali, Indonesia

If you think Bali is synonymous with beaches, step aside a bit into the mountainous area around Ubud. a cool district area with a wide expanse of rice fields and green rice fields. Or you can visit the Bedugul area which has the cold and beautiful lake scenery.

3. Kyoto, Japan

Japan as one of the most advanced countries in Asia certainly does not have only one city as the best cities to travel to. If Tokyo is too modern and busy for you, Japan still has Kyoto, a quieter city with plenty of comfortable furnishings. In Kyoto, you can walk along the river is clear water or just sit under a tree.

4. Meghalaya, India

Next up is the Indian city of Meghalaya. Previously get rid of your stereotype about the level of cleanliness in India that tends to be bad, because in the city of Meghalaya you will find the cleanest village in the world, mawlynnong village. The naturalness of this village is even more beautiful with waterfalls surrounded by green plants and beautiful flowers. In Meghalaya, India you will find one of the best Asian attractions, the Umngot River in the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. This river has water that is so clear, crystal clear. Even if there is a boat crossing this river, you will look as if it is floating in the air.

5. Udaipur, India

Still from India, there is the city of Udaipur which is also known as the City of Lake because of its location which is surrounded by a very large lake. Many tourists feel comfortable visiting here because it is far from the noise and the number of resorts with exotic scenery that can be rented. Udaipur is also a city with many old buildings that you can visit while studying history.

6. Jeonju, South Korea

Finally, Jeonju from South Korea is a traditional village where one of the most popular foods in South Korea comes from, Bibimbap. Jeonju is proof that South Korea which is one of the developed countries in Asia has managed to match modernity and traditional side well. This well-preserved traditional village is so proud of South Koreans.

Many attractions become a magnet for travelers to stop by Jeonju, including the traditional Korean house (Hanok Village), interesting festivals, where the royal family lives. And another thing you should try if you visit Jeonju is its culinary tour (especially bibimbap), which was once awarded as the City of Gastronomy 2012 by UNESCO.

You can visit Asia and explore it yourself, Hope you enjoy when visiting Asia.

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