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Guide you to Asia

The Most Beautiful Destinations & Travel Tips in Asia & Southeast Asia

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GuidetoAsia - The continent of Asia is different from Europe in many ways, one attraction follows the next attraction. Instead of many ancient churches, there are thousands of ancient temples and ruins associated with millennia of history.

There are wild animals that are more exotic than deer. Beaches that are more imposing than the Mediterranean Sea. The inhabitants are usually more relaxed and the cost of living is cheaper, the whole way of life is different from us Europeans.

A trip to Asia is always worthwhile because you can also get to know a completely different culture to breathtaking nature, great architecture and friendly people. The breathtaking beaches and the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites make every trip to Asia very special. But whoever is in agony has the choice!

Here are the highlights from 15 Asian countries. Which of the many destinations to visit? Best all!

Thailand - Destination Number 1 in Southeast Asia


A very popular destination is Thailand. And often one wonders: Thailand or Myanmar? Visiting Bangkok is not to be missed when visiting Thailand. After London, Bangkok is the second most popular city for tourists. And not for nothing! The many food markets, temples, and shopping opportunities speak for themselves.

If you are in Bangkok, a visit to the Grand Palace is an absolute must. The palace with the temples is just outside Bangkok, but the tuk-tuk ride there should not be missed anyway! Another important attraction is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Of Ayutthaya. There are plenty of temples and ruins to see here, as it has been the political center of Thailand's power for over 417 years. 33 Kings have reigned here! If you look at the temples in the dark, you will experience them especially its beauty, as some of them are illuminated from the outside. Koh Lanta is particularly suitable for relaxing: there you will find a true tropical paradise with beautiful beaches.

The island of Bali - the hotspot of backpackers


Incredibly popular with tourists is the island of Bali, which belongs to Indonesia, but could also be a separate country. The Indonesian island has a wide range of attractions and activities. From visiting the Monkey Forest, where the monkeys move freely, to climbing the active volcano Mount Batur, which, incidentally, last erupted in 2000. Of course, Bali also has plenty of temples worth seeing, such as the Pura Tirta Empul.

Besides, there are many different beautiful beaches where there is something for everyone. From surfers beach to beaches where you can watch dolphins, dive or just relax. You should try the many different foods. Simply delicious! The Balinese dances, which are constantly performed, are also very special. You can get to know the culture differently. The handmade souvenirs you can buy in Bali are also a great reminder of the exciting journey!

Indonesia - not just Bali!


Indonesia is also becoming increasingly popular among tourists. There is a reason for this: Indonesia has a lot to offer! A popular activity is climbing Mount Bromo, which is an active volcano on the island of Java. Here you have the most beautiful view of the sunrises. If you don't fancy hiking, there is also the possibility to rent horses and ride up! Of course, there are also temples worth seeing in Indonesia, such as Borobodur in East Java.

For a change then fancy a party? At Kuta Beach, there are the best parties every night! In the holy Monkey Forest Sanctuary, there are also plenty of monkeys to marvel at. The kaleidoscopic lakes of the Kelimutu volcanoes on the beautiful island of Flores are also particularly unique. The three lakes change their color from red to blue. Worth seeing!

Sri Lanka - Nature, Ayurveda, and beaches


Sri Lanka is the perfect country for every beach lover. Whether you want to dive, snorkel, surf, or just relax: everything is possible on Sri Lanka's dream beaches! It is also very special to watch the sunrise from Adam's Peak. The 5200 steps lead to a beautiful viewpoint from which you can observe the most beautiful sunrise in the whole of Sri Lanka.

The breathtaking nature of Sri Lanka can also be observed great on a train ride, which is recommended. The 300 km drive from Colombo to Badulla is recommended, but if this is too long, you can either divide the trip into several days or choose a shorter route. On the route are also the remarkable tooth temple in Kandy and hiking routes in Nuaware Eliya and Ella. For every animal lover, there are also numerous safaris offered in Sri Lanka and opportunities to marvel at wild elephants and even leopards.

Maldives Island State - Not just for honeymooners


The absolute dream destination for many and often chosen places for honeymoon are the Maldives. In general, most tourists spend their time in one of the many luxurious holiday resorts, which almost all have direct dreamlike private beaches. So if you fancy a somewhat luxurious package holiday, the Maldives is the place to be.

Every visitor to the Maldives should plan a day trip to the capital Male. The small town has many shops, museums, and restaurants in an incredibly small area and generally looks more like a sleepy coastal town than a capital city. Snorkeling and diving is an absolute must for any underwater lover in the Maldives, as the underwater world has a lot to offer. When it comes to plants and exotic bird species, lovers of these things are not neglected. Besides, you should plan your trip with a seaplane for a breathtaking view from above!

The Philippines - Islands, Islands, and Again Islands


Fun Fact: the Philippines consists of 7107 islands! So it is quite clear that there is a lot to see there. The capital Manila is not recommended by many, but a visit is still worth a visit. You should stay in the part of Santa Cruz, as this stands out a bit from the rest of the city. There is also the North Cemetery, whose visit is a very own experience. People live in the tombs to live near their deceased relatives. Poverty in the city, in general, must be confronted and also reckon edits in the North Cemetery.

Otherwise, of course, the many street markets of the city are highly recommended. Also recommended is the island of Cebu, which is about an hour away from Manila by plane. The big highlight here is snorkeling with whale sharks! Siquijor is the island of wizards and healers from whom you can be driven out by evil spirits. Some great beaches and trees are over 400 years old!

Vietnam - Southeast Asia pure!


A great starting point for any Vietnam trip is the capital Hanoi. On weekends there is a spectacular night market here, which you should not miss. Especially popular is the water puppet show, which is not just for children. Also great is the Literature Temple, the Ethnology Museum, and the Tran Quoc Temple. If you have a little more time in the hectic city, then you should take part in an Asian cooking course. So you can easily bring the Vietnamese culture home. If you're fed up with the full capital, it's time to look at the rest of the diverse country. The UNESCO-protected Halong Bay is highly recommended.

The scenery is beautiful with the emerald waters, the golden beaches, and the many sweet fishing villages. Here you can visit floating villages and organize boating. The kayak tours offered are also great! Ban Cha Beach is recommended for relaxation. If you are in the mood for hikes, you should go to Sapa, where you can expect a beautiful mountain landscape, where various hikes are possible. All information about the embassy Vietnam.

The Subcontinent of India


The Taj Mahal in Agra probably comes to mind for anyone who thinks of India. Is it crowded with tourists? Naturally! Is the trip still worth it? Definitely! The architecture and history behind the Taj Mahal are simply worth seeing and belong to the bucket list of anyone who likes to travel. India, however, has plenty of other highlights besides the Taj Mahal and because of the distances within the country, it will be hard to squeeze everything into a 14-day journey. A very special experience is to spend a night in the Indian jungle.

The Tiger Trail in Periyar National Park is recommended, where you can often observe wild elephants and even mock tigers! Food tours are also a great activity in India, for example in Old Delhi. For hikers and mountain enthusiasts, a trip to the Indian parts of the Himalayas is an absolute must. There are many pilgrimage routes and anyone interested in this should find out about the "Valley of Flowers". Gorgeous! To the Embassy India!

China - the land of the setting sun


China is certainly on the travel bucket list of many people. But what should not be missed? Of course, the trip to the Chinese Wall is an absolute highlight and should not be left out on any Chinese itinerary. Don't miss the capital Beijing. With a population of about 20 million, it is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. The city has plenty of sights and culture to discover – such as the forbidden city, the summer palace and the many food markets! The old capital of China, Xi'an, is also great to watch.

This is an old imperial city! The city wall is a whole 12 km long and goes around the city center, walks on it are possible and recommended. Great oriental markets can be found in the Muslim quarter. Shanghai is also absolutely worth seeing! Only 20 years ago the surrounding area consisted of a swampy landscape and today it is a true metropolis.

The vibrant city of Hong Kong


This cosmopolitan city has a population of almost 8 million and attracts millions of tourists every year. A visit to the city is worth it! There is much to discover. For example, the Temple Street Night Market where you can get wonderful food. But you can also buy clothes and other things there – acting allowed! Symphony of Lights boat tours is a great activity for the evening, as you get a great view of Honkgong's fantastic skyline. Victoria Peak is a very popular vantage point from where you can get a great view of the city.

There is a temple worth seeing: the Man Mo Temple, built-in 1847 and can be visited from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, which is even free to visit, is also worth a visit. There are also two beaches nearby (Blake Pier and Murray House) if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city for a few hours.

The unexplored country of Myanmar/Burma


Always underestimated by tourists in Myanmar, or as most people call it: Burma. Bagan is a clear highlight of the country. In Bagan, there are about 2500 temples and convents. If you should look at it specially, you should opt for a hot air balloon ride. This is not necessarily cheap, but it is a unique experience! You should also take a look at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon. This is a very important Buddhist shrine in the country and thousands of believers from all over the world make a pilgrimage there every year. But even for non-believers, this can be seen from an architectural point of view as more than impressive and magnificent.

On The Inle Lake, there are numerous boat tours, which carry you past floating villages. Very relaxing! Speaking of relaxation, Myanmar also has great sandy beaches to offer. Especially Ngapali Beach is beautiful with warm water and great restaurant possibilities. At the moment Myanmar is not yet inundated with tourists, so the country is highly recommended for anyone who wants to avoid typical tourist countries!

Japan - Tokyo, Mount Fuji, and cherry blossom


There is also a lot to discover in Japan. Japan is known for many things, but something very different from everything is Okinawa. About 2.5 hours from Tokyo, it is the most beautiful sandy beach in Japan. In contrast, you should not miss the beautiful mountains and rivers in Nagano. Here you will not find too many tourists and can relax and hike in peace and just enjoy nature. If you fancy climbing, you can't miss Mount Fuji.

But even without climbing, the nature is breathtaking and worth seeing. Probably the world-famous city of Hiroshima is on the bucket list of most people anyway, but the monument there is worth seeing. Everywhere in Japan, by the way, some castles are very different from the European ones and should be planned in every Japan itinerary for this reason alone.

South Korea - expensive pavement, rare holiday country


Fun Fact: South Korea has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That is reason enough to write South Korea on the travel bucket list. It's pretty worthwhile to visit the border with North Korea in combination with a guided tour in which you will learn a lot about the history of the two countries. The island of Jeju, which is also called the Hawaii of South Korea, is quite great. Like Hawaii, the island is also of volcanic origin.

There is a lot to see, like the well-known Lava Tubes. Where earlier lava has flowed through the island, long tubes have formed, which can be explored and visited on foot. There's also a Hello Kitty Land here! If you want to take a closer look at the nature of the country, you should visit one of the numerous national parks. For example, the Jirisan National Park, which is the oldest in the country and boasts a mountain landscape and rivers, is recommended.

Malaysia - City, and Jungle


Kuala Lumpur is just one of many highlights to visit in Malaysia. The city represents modern, but also the culture of the country. From great food markets, temples, and mosques, but also modern shopping malls, everything is represented here and so you can expect a variety of activities in Kuala Lumpur. You should also head to Langkawi, where there are great beaches, a butterfly farm, a cable car, and a 100-meter high suspension bridge!

The Taman Negara National Park is also very special, where you can experience nature and animals up close and even stay overnight. Who doesn't dream of a night in the jungle? By the way, snorkeling and diving in Malaysia is also an absolute highlight due to the diverse underwater world, where many turtles, small sharks, and corals await you! Cameron Highlands is an absolute highlight for all tea lovers with its tea plantations. Picking strawberries can also be enjoyed and relax during a visit on-site!

The city-state of Singapore and the megalomania


Last, but not least: Singapore! The Marina Bay Sands is unique to look at. The building includes hotels, casinos and is also a shopping center. So it is very worth seeing from the outside as well as from the inside. The 55-story building at the top of the Skypark offers breathtaking views of the city that should not be missed!

Directly behind it is the man-made Park Gardens by the bay, which is a great escape into the green if you need a break from the big city. Like many major cities, Singapore has a Ferris wheel to offer, even the second largest in the world. In the evening you should go to Clarke Quay because there are numerous restaurants and bars here. For shopping and street performers, Orchard Road is perfect. For animal lovers, there is the Singapore Zoo, which is huge in contrast to our zoos. At night you can also rent tours through the zoo, where you can drive through the zoo and then watch the nocturnal animals.

Cambodia with Angkor


Cambodia has long been in the shadow of its neighbor Thailand – wrongly, as it seems today. Because the Southeast Asian country offers a great variety and variety. A trip often starts in the capital Phnom Penh – not comparable to Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Co.

Here, travelers can visit the Royal Palace with the Silver Pagoda. You can also visit the Killing Field and the Tuol Sleng Museum. A trip to Cambodia also includes a trip to the country's sad history. After a few days in the capital, it is recommended to continue your journey to the south of Cambodia. There, the small town of Kampot sleeps in the middle of pepper plantations. In addition to visiting a pepper farm and obligatory tasting, the colonial houses in the city center are also tempting. A kayak tour over the numerous river arms completes the stay in Kampot.

Beach lovers will get their money's worth in the south of Cambodia. Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are two paradise islands just an hour's drive away by fast ferry. White sandy beaches and clear water make every Cambodian traveler swarm.

Last but not least, a trip to Cambodia without Angkor Wat is hardly conceivable. The starting point for exploring the temples is Siem Reap. From there, travelers can visit the ancient temples of Angkor for several days on their own or with a driver – excitement guaranteed.

Laos with Luang Prabang


The Southeast Asian country of Laos is not only worth a trip for backpackers. If you fancy authentic and little-traveled Asia, Laos is the place to be. While the Mekong Delta is often considered a tourist in Vietnam, it is different in Laos. There, travelers can sail across the Mekong or get to know the authentic village life on the riverbank. Around the Mekong, there are mountainous landscapes with deep jungles. The city of Luang Prabang is one of the highlights in Laos.

Here, travelers can visit the unique Old Town on an island and relax in small cafes in colonial houses. Temple sits there is a perfect fit for every taste. Then we continue to Van Vieng for many travelers. Formerly known as a party venue, Vang Vieng stands out today for its beautiful location. In the surrounding area, there are numerous karst mountains, rice fields, and beautiful lagoons. Hardly any area is better suited for climbing the viewpoints and extensive hiking through the idyll of Laos. Another stop is mandatory at the 4000 islands in the south of Laos. With a small boat, travelers can travel to the different islands and get to know the Mekong differently.
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