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Tips Travelling to Singapore to Make Your Vacation Cheaper

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Tips Travelling to Singapore - Is first time visiting Singapore? follow these tips to make your vacation cheap.

Singapore is often used as a destination for travelers to holiday abroad. What Singapore has to offer its visitors can be an incredibly extensive experience for many. No matter how old, young, adolescent, mature, even grandparents, Singapore is perfect for anyone thirsty for experience.

However, although interesting, there are many doubts for travelers to visit the country known as the lion's head statue. The reason is that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world so Singapore will cost a lot of money. Don't worry! You can still save on travel expenses by listening to these travel tips to Singapore from GuidetoAsia.

Is Transportation Expensive? Book Tickets Long in Advance

Transportation costs are indeed one of the main costs in managing the holiday budget. Even transportation costs can reach 25% of the total holiday budget. No need to worry, you can overcome the high cost of airfare by booking tickets in the future. This will make you see important things like when the lowest price of the plane ticket you can get so that the departure time can be adjusted.

You can also actively subscribe to newsletters from online travel agencies or airlines offering flights to Singapore. This is useful for monitoring ongoing promo or discount tickets. If you're lucky, you can get very cheap airfares that can even cut transportation costs by up to 15%!

Don't forget, make sure you book a round trip ticket at once. This is not only to keep the budget anesthed, but also to avoid problems at Singapore immigration. Don't want your vacation to fall apart because you don't have a ticket home?

You can check your flight tickets here

Expensive Accommodation Cost? Some Hostels or Dormitories Are Cheaper


In addition to the cost of the plane, this stay is also considered the most draining vacation funds. No wonder beginners are often wary of preparing a budget for accommodation.  


If you're a millennial planning a vacation alone or with friends, Singapore's cheapest alternative is to stay in a hostel or dormitory. Besides being cheap, this model place to stay is usually located in strategic locations. That is, the location is located near MRT stations or tourist centers. How about going out with a parent or a kid? No need to worry, these hostels also usually provide private rooms or family rooms that you can book for holidays with parents or children with comfortable facilities and prices that are also very competitive and tend to be cheap.

Cost of Meals in Singapore Expensive? Not Even


The cost of living in Singapore tends to be expensive compared to other major cities in Southeast Asia. But, this doesn't mean you have to endure hunger while on vacation. Make sure you put the cost of meals on your budget so you can enjoy your holiday with your stomach full, but your wallet is also safe. 


Singapore has many foodcourt places with relatively cheap prices. Lucky Plaza's name you've probably heard of all along. Located in the middle of luxury malls on Orchard Road, this place is the right alternative for you to enjoy lunch after taking pictures or just feel the atmosphere of Orchard. 


Also, a visit to Singapore is not complete if you don't stop by Merlion Park. If you are satisfied with the lion's head statue, you can stop by the food court in Lau Pa Sat. The location is about 1 kilometer from merlion park. Although close to tourist attractions, the price offered is also relatively cheap, which is about 4-5 SGD for one meal.


Also, a holiday tip to Singapore for other stomach problems is to bring your own bottle. During the holidays, it is not uncommon for your expenses to run out of simple things such as drinking water. Information for GuidetoAsia friends, the price of one bottle of mineral water size 600ml can reach SGD2! By bringing your own bottle, you can fill in free drinking water from the hotel/hostel where you are staying. Some spots in Singapore also provide drinking water taps or known as tap water for you to refill at any time. Don't worry, the water from tap water is safe.

Find Free, But Memorable Travel Spots!


Universal Studio Singapore (USS) is indeed a magnet for tourists visiting Singapore. The entrance ticket price of this playground is very expensive, which is about 80 SGD for one entry. Although this ticket price is expensive, But Universal Studio Singapore is still in demand by visitors. If you still intend to go to this ride, try diligently paying attention to the offers of online travel agents or holiday booking apps such as Klook to get a cheaper price. However, if you are not interested in Universal Studio Singapore, you can look for free tours that stay memorable while on vacation there.


Singapore provides many free attractions that anyone can enjoy. Upon landing in Singapore, don't forget to stop by Jewel Changi, one of Singapore's largest malls, which is still one location with Changi Airport. The newly opened place in April 2019 is touted as the highest indoor waterfall in the world. You can enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, parks, and forest atmosphere at the same time in this place.


Arriving at the urban center of Singapore, you can also take a short break at the hotel where you are staying, then follow Orchard Road. The street filled with shopping centers does give the impression of luxury and expensive. If you don't want to shop, you just have to enjoy orchard streets and sit back and relax. Don't forget to take a picture of you near Orchard Road in several places!


If you're a photo spot hunter, be sure to visit Haji Lane as well. It is surrounded by many boutiques, bars, cafes, and murals with interesting drawings and colors. You can explore Bali Lane, Arab Street, and Beach Road at the same time to make your holiday in this place more memorable.

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